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Online Safety

Think before you click!

As part of the Computing curriculum, we teach the children how to keep safe while using the internet and using different technological devices. We use the 'Think you know' website and resources which are suitable for younger children.

 The children are taught to;

  • Check – check with an adult that it’s ok to use a computer or iPad.
  • Ask – Ask an adult if you are not sure about anything that you see while using the internet or if you want to use a new program or app.
  • Tell – Tell an adult if you are upset by something you see while using the internet.

Ofcom research in 2016 showed that almost 40% of 3-4-year-olds and two-thirds of 5-7year olds go online. There are real advantages in making sure that children are supported in their internet use right from the start.

Childnet has a useful guide for parents of young children to help them think about the issues involved.



Is it true? Is it helpful? Is it inspiring? Is it necessary? Is it kind?


The NSPCC has lots of advice for parents including Being Share Aware, Minecraft Safety advice, and how to stay safe using Apps. The information can be found here:


Parents Online Safety Helpline (NSPCC)

Parents can contact the free NSPCC Online Safety Helpline with questions about parental controls or concerns about a social network their children are using 08088005002.

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) has created a resource to help parents and carers understand the risks of 'self-generated child sexual abuse imagery' using the acronym 'TALK'.

To find out more, go to https://talk.iwf.org.uk/

See our safeguarding page for more information.

Remember: Always tell an adult if you see something on the internet that makes you feel worried or sad.