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PSHE Matters Derbyshire

At Lenthall Infant and Nursery School, our  PSHE curriculum is covered through a planned programme of learning and delivered through discussions, debates, circle time, stories that raise issues, role play, and assemblies. To support our teaching of PSHE we use the PSHE Matters Scheme which incorporates and is supported by our school values.

PSHE Matters Progression Grids

Drug Education Progression

Being Responsible Progression

Bullying Matters Progression

Being Me Progression

Diversity Matters Progression

Changes Progression

Being Safe Progression

Money Matters Progression

Exploring Emotion Progression

Relationships Matters Progression

Growing Up Progression

Being Healthy Progression


Books included in PSHE Matters 

Here is a list of the books we use to teach PSHE and SRE through PSHE Matters. There are some lovely books on this list! You may want to support your child's learning by looking at some of these together.

Texts Explored within PSHE Matters

PSHE Matters Resource for Families

The PSHE Matters for Families leaflets provide fun and interesting activities for families to learn more about topics such as mental health, dealing with change, and forming positive relationships.


The leaflets were developed to enhance the PSHE Curriculum that primary schools currently deliver. The theme of the leaflets supports the 12 different modules that feature in the resource: ‘PSHE Matters a Curriculum for Primary Schools.’