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Lenthall Infant & Nursery School


Connecting home and school makes us a great community of learners.
ClassDojo is an online learning platform run by an educational technology company. It allows us as a school to connect to parents/carers through communication features, such as a feed for photos and videos from the school day and messaging that can be translated into more than 35 languages. Classes can be shared with other staff members in school, including school leaders, so that learning can be shared and celebrated.


School Story
School Story is where we post letters and whole school news, updates, and reminders. Our Lenthall Learning Challenge Curriculum termly class maps are communicated and shared on this page. Every Friday afternoon, our Golden Book celebration is shared on our School Story page so that it can be celebrated from home. Staff and parents/carers are not able to comment on posts but can use the 'like' button. 


Class Story
Class Story is where individual class teachers share photos, videos, activities, and files to share, support and celebrate learning in their class. Teachers will also use this page to send reminders. Staff and parents/carers are not able to comment on posts but can use the 'like' button.


This is where teachers set and send home learning activities to their children. Teachers can view and approve work on portfolios and leave positive feedback in the form of a like and/or comment. If you are sending a photograph or video of your child's home learning, before uploading, please ensure that it is appropriate and that your child and family members are fully dressed.


Messaging allows us to communicate with every family in our school, including sending letters and celebration messages. Messaging is also a way to connect directly with your child's class teacher. Parents/carers should only send messages to class teachers that relate directly to home learning. Any messages sent must be in keeping with the school's vision and values.
At Lenthall, we are committed to ensuring the well-being of staff: we have set quiet hours to remind parents that teachers are unavailable outside of the school day. Staff will only use messaging to acknowledge and respond to messages in relation to home learning tasks set or to send generic messages in keeping with the school’s vision and values. Some examples are:
  • Thank you for sending me your home learning - it's great to see you having lots of fun!
  • Wishing you a peaceful weekend, I am so proud of your learning this week.
  • Please remember to bring your glasses to school tomorrow.
  • Congratulations on being nominated for our Golden Book, keep up the amazing work!
Ensuring the safety of everybody in our school community is of paramount importance to us. We have a number of policies and procedures that keep staff, children, parents/carers, governors, and visitors safe. Prior to using the app, all parents/carers must read, sign and return our ClassDojo Parent User Agreement. Parents/carers must give consent for their child's face to be shown on ClassDojo. We will never share your child's full name on ClassDojo. A copy of our Parent User Agreement can be found below.
Class Dojo must never be used to report a child's absence from school, a safeguarding concern, or to report an issue in school. Queries or requests for support with any problems should be communicated to the school via telephone (01246 414569) or email
Below you will find guidance on how to set up ClassDojo on your electronic device. If you need help setting up your ClassDojo account, please contact the school.
At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents.
Jane D. Hull