Lenthall Infant & Nursery

Lenthall Infant & Nursery
A Warm Welcome To You All

Aims and Ethos

 Proud to be a small school…Nurturing big dreams.

We are a close-knit school working harmoniously to ensure the best outcomes for all. Our aim is to create a safe and rich learning environment to support and nurture our children to ‘BE PROUD’ life-long learners.

Curriculum Intent

At Lenthall Infant and Nursery School, it is our aspiration to ignite children’s curiosity and love of learning through building on their prior knowledge, and individual needs and providing meaningful and exciting hands-on experiences. The heart of our curriculum is to ensure our children are exposed to and develop a rich vocabulary empowering them to become skillful communicators, critical thinkers, and independent learners.

We offer a creative and thematic approach to our curriculum which reflects seasonal change and cultural diversity within our community and beyond to provide a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum. Through our Forest School approach and continuous provision throughout school, children appreciate working collaboratively with others and embedding sustained shared thinking. They take ownership of their independence and develop a sense of pride in becoming problem solvers and risk takers.

 Our children will understand their local community and feel proud of where they live. Through our curriculum, we will develop a sense of belonging within our school and the wider community. Building a strong community is vital for our children in order for them to understand a wider context in relating to people who are different from them and will provide a stepping stone in raising awareness and appreciation of others, building aspiration for success from whatever starting point. We will engage in a partnership with our families aiming higher together and striving to provide our children with everything they need to grow, develop and learn.

We promote a 

B.E. P.R.O.U.D

Believe, Equality, Perseverance, Respect, Open-mindedness, Understanding, Dreams.

inclusive philosophy through our school values and our ethos is one of sharing and celebrating the achievements of all of our children, staff and families in a warm and welcoming environment. Our children will journey through Lenthall being able to articulate their knowledge with confidence; using a range of appropriate and ambitious vocabulary; being kind, courageous and curious citizens; with their passion for learning ignited and self-belief and well-being nurtured.

Every child will have the chance to shine and will leave us prepared for a future of possibilities, fulfilling their dreams and becoming life-long learners.

 Equality Statement & Objectives